why are nba draft picks more likely to play on their hometown team than the nfl draft picks?

there are more basketball draft picks playing in their home state or city, than there are football draft picks.like, you can find lots of nba rookies playing on their hometown team.but there are few new players going to the nfl playing on their home state team.

can someone tell me why you think nba draft picks have a better chance at playing closer to their hometown than the nfl draft picks?

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  1. knick730

     /  April 13, 2014

    The NFL has like 20 rounds of picks, the NBA only has 2 rounds and some teams don’t have any picks certain years, so not counting when Rose or LeBron happen to get chosen by their home team, many free agent walk-ons get invites and occasionally make the team based on familiarity. If their name was in the San Antonio newspaper everyday for being the best player on a non college powerhouse then their name gets known by the local team

  2. WALTER! (Bleeding Green)

     /  April 14, 2014

    Because football players are more likely to come from either the South or California than anywhere else. (obviously there are exceptions)

    Basketball players are more widespread around the country so there are more players who actually have the option of going home to play. Even the Celtics have Tony Gaffney, the only player from Massachusetts in the NBA.

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