is there any player who never really applied for nba draft, actually signed in any nba team?

i know that ben wallace, john starks, brad miller, were never really drafted but they also applied for nba draft. once your name included and you were not drafted, your automatically became a free agent. but is there any nba player now who never really put their names or applied for nba draft??… just want to know. tnx.
if this things happen all the time, why do this coll players wants to be eligible for nba draft??… if they can join to any team they want or make a deal with them??… does NBA have actually a rule that for this?
GUYS, you never actually understand my question. i know that all the players you mention is undrafted but they still declare or eligible or names included to the nba draft. what im talkin about is players who never reallly became eligible to any nba draft but ended up playing in the nba anyways.

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