2009 NBA Draft: Who will the lottery teams draft?

The Top 14 Picks of the 2009 NBA Draft: Pick who you think the team needs or who they’ll draft.

1.) LA Clippers – Blake Griffin
2.) Memphis – Hasheem Thabeet
3.) OK City – James Harden
4.) Sacramento – Ricky Rubio
5.) Minnesota – Tyreke Evans
6.) Minnesota – Jonny Flynn
7.) Golden St. – Jordan Hill
8.) NY Knicks – Stephen Curry
9.) Toronto – DeMar DeRozan
10.) Milwaukee – Jrue Holiday
11.) NJ Nets – Terrence Williams/Gerald Henderson
12.) Charlotte – Gerald Henderson/Terrence Williams
13.) Indiana – Brandon Jennings
14.) Phoenix – DeJuan Blair

I have Terrence Williams and Gerald Henderson like that because the Nets and Bobcats are HOT for those two players. Whoever the Nets draft, the Bobcats will draft the other player.

I would have had Earl Clark on the Suns but with Shaq leaving the Suns will need some muscle in the paint.

Everyone in the world knows Blake Griffin is going to the Clippers. After that it gets pretty interesting.
Ricky Rubio will not go to Memphis because he has openly said he doesn’t want to play for them. If they draft him they’ll use him to trade for someone else.

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