NBA Draft-Does anyone else think that its wrong that an 18 year old player?

can be drafted from another country, but an 18 year old from the U.S. can’t?

Question about nba 2k10?

I have heard a lot about the new nba 2k10 game and it seems to be really cool. The part of the game that really interested me was the “create a player” mode which seemed very cool. I was confused as to whether I could play him in the summer league and enter him in the draft through nba 2k10 alone because I saw that there is another added feature which is on xbox marketplace, the nba draft combine. So my question is, do I have to get the nba draft combine in order to create my player and put him in the summer league and enter him in the draft? If not, what does the nba draft combine feature add to the nba 2k10 game? I also had one more question. How much better is nba 2k10 than nba 2k9. I would appreciate it if you would rate both games on a scale of 1-10. Thanks for your help!!

Is a PBA player eligible to be drafted in the NBA?

For example, I am that player. I was drafted by Purefoods. Then I declared for NBA draft several years later.

I have three of my friends fit to the NBA but go to PBA first because they are Filipinos. One is the son of the owner of MC Mountain Homes in Tagaytay City.
There is a draft of PBA or Philippine Basketball Association. Its player may be eligible by declaring for NBA Draft.

Why does OKC get high draft picks?

2007 NBA Draft – 2nd Pick: Kevin Durrant
2008 NBA Draft – 4th Pick: Russel Westbrook
2009 NBA Draft – 3rd Pick: James Harden

how would u grade the past nba draft since the year 2000 to right now?

2000- Kenyon Martain and michael redd were probaly the best players both were one time all stars…and still great role players right now…during the 2000 nba draft…everybody else turned out to be a role player or a bust …and yes jamal maglorie who some anaylist thought had potential was a one time all star…i give this one of the worst draft in nba history… everybody was talking about darius miles being the next KG

2001- the year when three top h.s players that played the center position were drafted ( kwamie brown , eddie curry , tyson chandler) all of them are bust but they had high expectations… this was a good year for late picks and foregin players … it did bring a couple of all stars pau gasol , joe johnson , memket okur, tony parker , gilbert areans ..all five of these guys still have potential to end their careers like superstars…i give this draft an A … and four out of five of these players were named to the ALL NBA team…

2002- this was a decent draft i don’t think the players that were all stars on the 2002 draft will become big superstars amaire stoudamire , yao ming , caron butler , and carlos boozer… two of the best drafts in the 2002 draft have serious injuries (yao ming & amaire ) i give this draft a medicore C

2003- this draft had four potential superstars right away ( Lebron , carmelo , dwade , bosh ) probaly one of the best drafts since 1996 …hopefully we can add a couple of more players from the 2003 draft with these four players ( david west , chris kaman, kirk hinrich , mo williams , josh howard)

2004- i think this draft will bring in potential allstars sooner or later … they already have a lot of talented players with great potential to be all stars ( emeka okafur , ben gordon , loul deng , josh smith , andre biendris , al jefferson , andre igodolua, jr smith , trevor azira ) it already brought in the best center in the nba right now dwight howard with some great addition of promising point guards ( devin Harris & jameer nelson) …i give this draft an A

2005-Chris paul and deron williams are the main stars of this draft and maybe danny granger if he does become a consistant all star …i dont think the players of the 2005 tarhells champion team brought anything great to an nba teams they got drafted…and the first pick i think will andrew bogut will only be a medicore center in the nba… i give this draft a C becuz there’s going to be more bust then all stars or good role players

2006-i think this was a bad draft year …you have one great shooting guard in that draft and he was drafted in the 7th? rajon rondo 21st ? paul millsap 47th? there are some good canidates like andrea bargani who has improved and lamarcus albridge… but here are some early entry bust ( adam morrison , patrick o bryant , sheldon williams) all three of these players were top ten i’ll give a grade of T.B.D becuz it still is too early to grade this draft

2007- it just seems like kevin durant will be the only one that comes out successful out of this draft… the other ones just look like role players… i hope greg oden gets back on his feet…remember when every nba fan was arguing who will be number one kevin durant or greg oden …i hope oden lives up to his hype… i give this draft C but i’ll give it a B if oden becomes a dominant center

2008- the draft when the tweeners came out …we already saw one of the best point guards in the nba by next season ( derrick rose) , a great center ( brook lopez ) , three great undersize guards ( russell westbrook , eric gordon , oj mayo)…its too early to give anything on thsi draft but i see a future A

2009: TBD …

NBA Draft in HD (High Definition)??

It’s hard for me to watch normal broadcasts as I’m so used to the glory of High Definition. Will this NBA draft be broadcast in HD?
I know it’s just a draft, but everything is better in HD!

Will 7′6″ Kenny George be a 1st rounder in the NBA draft?

Will 7′6″ junior center for the UNC Asheville bball team be drafted in this year or next years nba draft depending on how long he stays in school? he is averaging 12 pts 8 rebs & 5 blocks a game but at 7′6″ 360 u cant teach his size, he’s healthy now but will health issues end his career? what do you all think


check the pic on this link… the guy standing behind him is reyshawn terry and he is 6′8″
the guy is obviously slow and misses rebounds outside his wingspan which is 8′2″. They guy can dunk flat footed. I think a team like the spurs would take a chance on him to just put him in the middle and make him be a block specialist…

1983 NBA draft Houston Rockets?

So as the NBA draft quickly approaches, I began to take an interest in the NBA draft history. As a huge Houston Rockets fan I was quite shellshocked when discovering in 1983 (just a year before Olajuwon and Jordan were drafted) the Rockets had not one but two first round picks (first and third overall picks) with the first pick they drafted Ralph Sampson, which was a no-brainer. But what really threw me off was with the third pick they drafted some guy named Rodney McCray? What I want to know is, why in the world did they not draft the Houston native Clyde Drexler(Houston cougar superstar) I mean he was available? Is there a logical reason behind this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Knowledgeable NBA Fans Only?

Who was the first ever highschool player drafted into the NBA
and who was the last
star question
RJW NOPE u r wrong

Which modern era Top 50 NBA basketball player and Hall of Fame member was not a NBA draft choice, a free agent

Who is the only modern era Top 50 NBA basketball player in NBA history and Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame member who was not a NBA draft choice WHEN HE TURNED PRO, and signed as a pro as an undrafted free agent?

Modern era meaning like he played in the Jordan era.

I believe the only other Top 50 NBA player who was not a NBA draft choice before turning pro was George Mikan simply because the NBA was not around when Mikan turned pro.

Only one player of the Top 50 NBA players in NBA history after the NBA started went undrafted by any pro league and signed as a free agent when he turned pro.

Hint: He, the undrafted Top 50 NBA player and Hall of Fame member, started basically for an entire season (75 games with the Chicago Bulls) in place of Michael Jordan, and between the two teammates, Jordan and the undrafted player, they won a combined 14 NBA scoring titles (10 NBA scoring titles for Jordan).
Pippen was a first round NBA draft pick, the fifth pick of the first round 1987 NBA draft. Pippen was like a lottery pick being draft so high in the first round.
If you read the details of my original question it asks which Top 50 NBA player and Hall of Fame member was not a NBA draft choice, and then I added in all capital letters so as not to be misunderstood, “WHEN HE TURNED PRO”. George Gervin played about 1 year of semi-pro or minor league basketball before playing 1 1/2 years in the ABA on the Virginia Squires with teammate Dr. J and on the San Antonio Spurs with teammate George Karl playing over 100 regular season ABA games and 12 ABA playoff games when Phoenix did draft George Gervin in 1974 in the third round after Gervin had been a pro basketball player for most of 2 1/2 years already including 1 1/2 years in the ABA. The Virginia Squires, always short on cash in the late ABA days, sold Gervin to the San Antonio Spurs for something like $100,000 near the end of Gervin’s second season in the ABA long before Phoenix drafted Gervin. Gervin’s sophomore year at Eastern Michigan was impressive 29.5 ppg, 15 rpg, 60% FG%, 80% FT% in 30 games.