2000 NBA Draft redo?

The worst draft of all time.


1). Redd
2). K-Mart
3). Mike Miller
4). Hedo Turkoglu
5). Jamaal Crawford
6). Jamaal Maglore (2004 All-star)
7). Mo-Pete
8). Stromile Swift
9). Quentin Richardson
10). Desmond Mason


Can a basketball player that declares for the NBA Draft and goes undrafted return to college?

If a college basketball player declares for the NBA Draft and does not get drafted by a team, he’s allowed to return to his college right? I’m not talking about being eligible to play ball still, I’m just talking about attending the college he previously went to.

When is the NBA Draft?

When is the 2010 NBA Draft?

why are nba draft picks more likely to play on their hometown team than the nfl draft picks?

there are more basketball draft picks playing in their home state or city, than there are football draft picks.like, you can find lots of nba rookies playing on their hometown team.but there are few new players going to the nfl playing on their home state team.

can someone tell me why you think nba draft picks have a better chance at playing closer to their hometown than the nfl draft picks?

How does draft work, NHL NBA…?

In most simple terms can someone explain to me how the draft works in nhl nba … etc?
Like I know that like college players who are free agents, but how does it get chosen does anyone who played hockey in college is available for draft? how do foreign players get picked. Do they put themselves fgorward. I completely dont understand it.

is there any player who never really applied for nba draft, actually signed in any nba team?

i know that ben wallace, john starks, brad miller, were never really drafted but they also applied for nba draft. once your name included and you were not drafted, your automatically became a free agent. but is there any nba player now who never really put their names or applied for nba draft??… just want to know. tnx.
if this things happen all the time, why do this coll players wants to be eligible for nba draft??… if they can join to any team they want or make a deal with them??… does NBA have actually a rule that for this?
GUYS, you never actually understand my question. i know that all the players you mention is undrafted but they still declare or eligible or names included to the nba draft. what im talkin about is players who never reallly became eligible to any nba draft but ended up playing in the nba anyways.

Rerank NBA college players in the draft?

Ok lets assume
Anthony Davis
Kyrie Irving
Derrick Williams
John Wall
Blake Griffin
Derrick Rose
Michael Beasly
Greg Oden
Hasheen Thabeet
Kevin Durant
are all in the same draft for college
assuming they have the same college careers
re rank how you think they would go in the ultimate draft
base it on
hype, college dominance, nba ready, and tournament outcome
mine would look something like this
(Remember this has nothing to do what their NBA careers)
1. Greg Oden
2. Anthony Davis
3. Kevin Durant
4. Blake Griffin
5. Derrick Rose
6. John Wall
7. Kyrie Irving
8. Derrick Williams
9. Michael Beasly
10. Hasheem Thabeet

I think this would be a fun debate personally I think big time big men would go ahead of big time PG’s because it’s harder to find big men in the NBA than it is a quality PG which are dime a dozen if you think about it.
@ Devil Durant. Why would you put Durant #1? He wasn’t even #1 pick in his own draft. FAIL!
Sorry I should have cleared things up what do you think would have most likley happened. Not if you were the general manager. And again it’s based on college. Not what they have done so far or Greg Oden wouldn’t even be in the discussion.

how do u enter the nba draft?

i was just wondering how do u sign up for the nba draft? i know the requirements and all but im just curious.

2009 NBA Draft: Who will the lottery teams draft?

The Top 14 Picks of the 2009 NBA Draft: Pick who you think the team needs or who they’ll draft.

1.) LA Clippers – Blake Griffin
2.) Memphis – Hasheem Thabeet
3.) OK City – James Harden
4.) Sacramento – Ricky Rubio
5.) Minnesota – Tyreke Evans
6.) Minnesota – Jonny Flynn
7.) Golden St. – Jordan Hill
8.) NY Knicks – Stephen Curry
9.) Toronto – DeMar DeRozan
10.) Milwaukee – Jrue Holiday
11.) NJ Nets – Terrence Williams/Gerald Henderson
12.) Charlotte – Gerald Henderson/Terrence Williams
13.) Indiana – Brandon Jennings
14.) Phoenix – DeJuan Blair

I have Terrence Williams and Gerald Henderson like that because the Nets and Bobcats are HOT for those two players. Whoever the Nets draft, the Bobcats will draft the other player.

I would have had Earl Clark on the Suns but with Shaq leaving the Suns will need some muscle in the paint.

Everyone in the world knows Blake Griffin is going to the Clippers. After that it gets pretty interesting.
Ricky Rubio will not go to Memphis because he has openly said he doesn’t want to play for them. If they draft him they’ll use him to trade for someone else.

How to get drafted into nba?

How do you get drafted in the NBA, without entering the draft?